Premiere Buffet

Premiere Buffets

Hot and Cold Buffets A
Poached and served warm Salmon Supremes cooked in a Court-Bouillon
(Vinegar, lemon juice, sliced onion, herbs, carrots and parsley)
Sautéed and braised Turkey strips in a Sharpe Diable Sauce
(Brown sauce with chopped shallots, wine, vinegar, chopped parsley, gherkins)   
Cornets of York Ham filled and rolled with Cous-Cous blended with cream cheese
Containing sultanas and copped fruit
Roasted Fresh Chicken Breast removed from the bone and laid on a bed of
Russian Salad with watercress garnish
Boiled then oiled fettucine Salad 
Roasted pepper, red onions and celery Mix
Tossed mixed leaf salad
Crème Brulee Cheese Cake with Raspberry ribbons
Sliced summer fruit served with berry coulis and cream
Mixed Bread Basket
Tea and Coffee
Cost per Person £26.50 + vat 
All Menus Served on China
Low number surcharge
0 – 74 covers    -  £90 + VAT
 75 – 99 covers - £45 + VAT
100 + No charge
Hot and Cold Buffets B
Baked beef Green Lasagna layered with tomatoes, fine beef mince
And topped and glazed with a rich cheese sauce
Sweet and Sour baked chicken breasts in a Rich Provençale sauce topped
With diced peppers and chopped parsley
Whole Green gammon boiled then baked, glazed in honey sliced and put
Back on the bone for presentation surrounded with red lettuce
Poached salmon and Monkfish terrine wrapped in smoked salmon sprinkled with capers 
New Potatoes with hard-boiled Egg, Chives, topped with Crispy Bacon
Sliced Beef Tomato, Red Onion and Basil with mixed lettuce
Oven roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with a lemon & chervil dressing Rocket,
Three Bean Salad with Italian Herbs & Virgin Olive Oil
Belgian chocolate truffle mousse set on a chocolate sponge base,
topped with raspberries & decorated with a chocolate scroll
Seasonal fruit wedges with strawberries and cream
Assorted mixed Bread Basket
Coffee and Tea 
Cost per Person £26.50 + vat 
All Menus Served on China
Low number surcharge
0 – 74 covers    -  £90 + VAT
75 – 99 covers - £45 + VAT
100 + No charge
Canape can be added at £4.75 + vat
Coffee and tea can be added at £2.75 + vat
Assortment of petit fours at £5.70 + vat
Cheese course with English and French cheeses £3.75 + vat

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